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Archive 2017

Expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with "Concern-Energomash" CJSC

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During the last two years, close professional contacts were established between the National Bureau of Expertises, RA (NBE) and Concern-Energomash CJSC, which is the exclusive representative of the leading American company Agilent Technologies. It should be specially noted that during the joint work, the company "Concern-Energomash" has established itself as a reliable partner, and the company's employees have confirmed their professional status and efficiency in resolving the problems arising in the National Bureau of Expertises during the operation of the analytical equipment of the firm "Agilent Technologies".

Therefore, the accumulated positive experience of joint work allowed us to move on to new forms of cooperation. Thus, at the end of June 2017, a cycle of on-line conferences on the instrumental nomenclature of Agilent Technologies was launched at the National Bureau of Expertises with direct organizational support of Concern-Energomash. In particular, the first on-line conference was devoted to the solutions of Agilent Technologies used in forensic laboratories and included two main topics:

- Developing Better solutions for GC-MS;

- GC-MS solutions for forensic applications from Agilent.

The workshop was attended by NBE employees of a number of departments and divisions. During the first on-line conference, effective solutions of Agilent Technologies for detecting, measuring and analyzing samples, which are vital for the successful implementation of expert studies, were presented. Note that at present, in order to ensure high reliability of the examinations performed, primarily in the detection of criminal offenses, including serious ones, technically more sophisticated analytical support is required. Therefore, during the first introductory on-line conference, a complex of modern equipment from Agilent Technologies for detection and analysis was presented, covering all aspects of standard forensic research.

During the on-line conference special attention was given to new analytical methods for the definition of "Designer drugs." In short, the content of the Forensic Toxicology Application Compendium (only for forensic medical expertise) and attached to it a set of medicines of the Essential GC / MS Designer Essentials Kit (only for forensic expertise) were also presented.For clarity, the available scanning solutions (thermal decomposition system providing rapid scanning of numerous samples) and measurement included in the GC / MS Ion Trap system with high sensitivity, reliability, as well as LC / MS analyzers with advanced automation and workflow management capabilities were demonstrated.

In conclusion, as already noted above, this format of the on-line conference, according to the agreement with "Concern-Energomash" CJSC, will be permanent in nature upon a preliminarily agreed subject, depending on the relevance and importance of the current on-line conference topics.

Seminar on Analytical Equipment ‘’New Solutions for Mass Spectrometry’’

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From May 30 to 31, 2017, the staff of the departments of Medico-Biological, Food Products and Drinks Expertises of the National Bureau of Expertises of the RA took part in a two-day seminar, the purpose of which was to familiarize the participants with the latest applications for mass spectrometry in food and the environment, as well as with new directions in the field of pharmaceuticals. The seminar was organized and conducted by KhimExpert (Russia), the authorized distributor of Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Sciences), the world's leading supplier of devices, reagents and consumables for molecular biology.

The first day of the seminar was completely devoted to the latest advances in food and environmental analysis using LC-MS/MS. In particular, the following presentations were made:

  • Good is not good enough- SCIEX QTRAP® 6500+System for High End Quantitative in the High Throughput Analytical Laboratory,
  • High Resolution LC-MS/MS for Food & Environmental Testing – X500R,
  • The power of Mass Spectrometry in the Detection of Food Fraud-Residues, Mycotoxins, Infant Formula, Beer and More,
  • Meat Speciation and Testing for Allergens-Emerging LC-MS/MS applications.

On the second day of the seminar questions of mass spectrometry in the field of pharmaceutics were considered. In particular:

  • LC-MS/MS in Pharmaceutical Analytics-Where and How if fit?
  • Challenges in setup of mass-spectrometric lab: Armenian CRO perspective,
  • X500B- Analysis and Quality Control of Biologic on a Novel QTOF Mass Spectrometer,
  • Targeted Proteomics – from Clinical Research to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

The seminar was attended by over 50 representatives of laboratories accredited in the Republic of Armenia for expert studies of pharmaceuticals and food products.

It is important to emphasize that the substantially new solutions of the American company "AB SCIEX" were presented.

It is necessary to note the indisputable practical importance and relevance of the above-mentioned seminar. The presented reports were drafted in such a way that, in addition to theory, practical exercises were supposed to allow participants not only to gain practical skills, but also to periodically switch from listening to the theory to practical studies.

The overwhelming majority of participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers and satisfaction with the theme of the seminar.

The latest news on the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

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On May 18-20, 2017, the Deputy Director for Science and Education of the National Bureau of Expertises of the RA, P. Voskanyan, took part in the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The Forum was attended by 4,180 participants from 79 countries. The key mission of the Forum is to promote the ideas of modernizing the law in the face of the global changes taking place today.

In accordance with the business program of the Forum, in the framework of the thematic track No. 6, "Litigation and Arbitration Practice", P. Voskanyan took part in two special sessions:

- standardization of forensic expert activity, expert initiative;

- the first meeting of the ITC 545 on problems of standardization of forensic expert activity.

Within the framework of the abovementioned sessions, P. Voskanyan took an active part in the discussions on the topic of the track and made a report on the specifics of the national legislation on standardization in the implementation of forensic science activity, the experience of standardization in the international accreditation of forensic experts, as well as the prospects for the Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization (ITC 545) "Forensic expertise" as an instrument for creating a Eurasian forensic science space.

During the work of the Forum, P. Voskanyan also took part in the discussion session "Development of the legal mechanisms of environmental activities of enterprises".

It is important to emphasize that when discussing the principal tasks facing the expert community, were considered issues related to both the working version of the new GOST "Accreditation of forensic laboratories. Guidelines for the application of "Modules for forensic laboratories", and additional professional education for the training of expert staff of the system of expert institutions in the CIS countries.

During the work of the Forum, P. Voskanyan also visited the State Hermitage, where the department of scientific and technical expertise held discussions on the application of natural science methods in the examination of works of art.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the participation of the the Deputy Director for Science and Education of the National Bureau of Expertises of the RA, P. Voskanyan in the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, the main legal event of the countries of the post-Soviet space allowed to expand the scope of scientific research and scientific and methodological cooperation with similar expert structures of the participating countries of Forum.

Participation in the International Seminar on “Heroin Trafficking” organized by European Police College (CEPOL)

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On May 15-18, 2017, Karen Gharadjyan, head of the Physical Technical Examinations and Chemical Expertises Department of the National Bureau of Expertise of the Republic of Armenia, was sent to the capital of Romania Bucharest to participate in a three-day seminar on heroin trafficking. The seminar was hosted by SELEC and was organized by CEPOL with the participation of law enforcement officers and prosecutors from EU and non-EU states.

An opening speech of the CEPOL Executive Director Ferenc Bánfi was held on May 16th. Then, during the three-day seminar, Steve Bennet and Michael Mullally (Great Britain), Hadi Khan Zadran (Afghanistan), Burn Agrens (Germany), representatives of CEPOL, SELEC and the European Union Police Service (EUROPOL) delivered their speeches.

During the seminar, the participants exchanged views on the issues related to combating the illicit trafficking in heroin, in particular, special attention was paid to improving the effectiveness of police activities, coordinated cooperation between law enforcement agencies and expert structures, and the detection of illicit production and trafficking of heroin through the analysis of cash flows. A number of issues related to the topic of the seminar were also discussed.

The seminar organizers noted that, since the seminars of the European Police College (CEPOL) are permanent, first of all, it is necessary to discuss a number of issues related to future methodological research in the framework of cooperation that will make it possible to get the most profound understanding of the state of illegal drugs trafficking and fight against them not only in the partner countries, but also in the entire region.

In his speech our representative K. Gharadjyan presented in detail a number of well-known cases of drug trafficking (including heroin and methamphetamine) in the region, towards Iran-Armenia-Georgia- the European Union, noting that the law enforcement bodies of Armenia, with the active participation of the National Bureau of Expertises, are carrying out large-scale work in the detection of drugs and the fight against their supply to European countries as a transit route. The speaker also presented the most important activities of the National Bureau of Expertises, noting the accumulated vast scientific potential in the field of expert studies and the willingness to participate in similar European programs in the future.

The report, which lasted more than an hour, was not only listened with great interest by the organizers and participants of the seminar, but the informative usefulness of the report was also noted for drawing up a general picture of the state of fight in the region with illicit trafficking, namely, heroin. At the end of the seminar K. Gharadjyan was solemnly awarded a certificate.

Cooperation between Yerevan State University and National Bureau of Expertises within ‘’Psychological Vernissage’’

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Currently contemporary specialists are offered new demands by employers, in particular, competition, professionality, adaptation ability at workplace, communication ability and so on. Therefore, the issue of employment for graduates is becoming more actual. Job fairs have a great role in this issue.

A similar fair/ took place at YSU Philosophy and Psychology faculties entitled ‘’Psychological Vernissage’’.

Objectives of the “Psychological Vernissage” are to inform the public about the current challenges of psychology and related sciences, to promote vocational guidance of students, provide students with the opportunity of self-realization, promote the expansion of the cooperation between young professionals, the establishment and strengthening of relationships between students and alumni.

The exhibition was attended by different psychological organizations, that introduced psychological services implemented by them as well as specialists of other spheres. The Psychological expertises department and the scientific research center of applied problems in criminology of the National Bureau of Expertises (NBE) also participated in the event. Office vacancies available for graduates experts shared information on the organization, focusing their attention on working conditions and peculiarities. NBE experts shared information on vacancies available the organization for graduates, focusing their attention on working conditions and peculiarities. The experts of our organization psychologists Tsovinar Tadevosyan and Lusine Azaryan told briefly history and main functions of our organization, its prospective as well as subtypes of forensic psychological expertises, its characteristics, methods and technologists applied in the course of researches and examinations, scientific activities.

The participants were also presented the implemented studies and researches conducted by the scientific research center of applied problems in criminology of NBE as well as the monographs, books, text-books, manuals published by NBE.

The participants who were willing to know more about our organization were provided by brochures containing detailed information on it, informative materials, books and published manuals.

The exhibition was held in a friendly and informal condition. Every graduate and student could raise a question he or she was interested in and get a complete answer choosing a relevant workplace.

The aim of the exhibition was to support in finding suitable workplace for graduates and qualified personnel for National Bureau of Expertises.

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