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Participation in the first meeting of the working group on preparation of the document ‘’Best practice manual for analysis of seized drugs’’

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A full membership of the National Bureau of Expertises of the Republic of Armenia (NBE) in the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) provided an opportunity for the staff of the department of physical technical examinations and chemical expertises to actively join the scientific and practical activities of the Drugs Working Group. More than 10 years’ experience of the department, its compliance with international standards, and close contacts with the members of this working group served as the basis for inviting one of the leading staff of the mentioned department to the subcommittee of Drugs Working Group on the preparation of the document ‘’Best Practice Manual for analysis of seized drugs’’. As a result of nomination by the administration of the NEC and in accordance with the decision of the leadership of the working group "Drugs" (ENFSI), in June 2017 Hayk Kasparyan, head of the department for expert examination of narcotic drugs, psychotropic, potent and poisonous substances of the department of physical and technical research and chemical expertise is included in the above-mentioned subcommittee.

The first meeting of the working group of the subcommittee with the participation of H.Kasparyan, who was sent to Denmark, took place on 1-2 November at the department of forensic chemistry of Medical Faculty, Copenhagen University.

At the opening of the meeting with an introductory speech the leading scientific employee of the University Zurich- Dr. Michael Bowens, who presented the main points of the developed guide, with particular attention to the applied aspects of leadership. In his speech he also stressed the importance of the procedure for rechecking the conclusions on expert research. Concluding his speech Dr. Michael Bowens suggested focusing specifically on issues related to validation and verification of methods and technologies the calculation of measurement uncertainty, and a number of other narrowly specific issues related to the subject of the problem under discussion.

Then the organization question was discussed allowing to determine the head of the subcommittee, that was Irene Breum Müller (Denmark), who is the head of ENFSI Drugs Working Group. The members of the subcommittee were approved: Udo Zerell (Germany), Åsa Klasén (Sweden), Fraser Johnston (UK), John Power (Ireland), Tiina Kauppila (Finland), Hayk Kasparyan (Armenia) and Irene Breum Müller (Denmark).

Discussing concrete first steps to implement the agreements reached, it was recommended that the secretariat of the subcommittee, as soon as possible, send inquiries developed by the subcommittee to expert laboratories of the country members of the Drugs working group. Note that the developed query form includes points that allow obtaining information on qualitative and quantitative research, sampling methods for analysis, algorithms for sample preparation procedures, forms of protocols obtained during expert research of results, etc..

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