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Participation in the seminar on ‘’Practical aspects of combating serious transnational/cross border crime: Drugs’’

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In 30-31 October 2017 a two-day seminar took place in Warsaw, the Republic of Poland, which was the continuation of the previous one (25-26 April 2017). The seminar entitled ‘’Practical aspects of combating serious transnational/cross border crime: Drugs’’ was organized within Eastern Partnership Police Cooperation Program funded by the European Union. This time it was attended by the representative of our organization, the head of the Food Products and Drinks expertises department . A.Gevorgyan, PhD. The second seminar was also attended by delegations of the competent authorities of Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

It is important to note that the issues on combating drug related crimes and their precursors were the main topic in the course of the seminar.The moderators of this event were the representatives of Europol and the Police of the Republic of Poland, Michal Aleksandrowicz, Artur Klejn and Dariusz Drzal.

It was especially noted that the international fight against illicit drug trafficking is currently one of the most topical transnational problems, since the scale of drug trafficking at the moment is so vast that it creates a threat to the economy and security of many EU countries.

During the first day of the seminar, the participants presented their reports on national laws against the illegal use and distribution of drugs and psychotropic substances. In the co-reports, specific points of each of the presented information materials were examined and commented, trends in the development of regional control over the fulfillment of obligations for the legal control of narcotic drugs, in particular the import and export of drugs, trafficking, distribution of narcotic drugs, etc. were indicated.

The second day of the seminar was devoted to the activities of the European Union Police Service "Europol" in combating illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances, special events as well as special provisions were presented establishing the order of cooperation of states on drug control. The main idea that runs through all the moderators’ reports of the seminar is that no single country can count on success in the fight against drug addiction without broad international cooperation.

Taking into account the venue of the seminar and considering the accumulated experience, colleagues from the Police of the Republic of Poland paid special attention to combating the abuse of drugs and their illicit trafficking, as well as monitoring the observance of the country's drug contracts, monitoring their production, consumption and trade.

As a result of the two-day seminar, discussions were also held on the development of consolidated recommendations for the preparation of the final report with a view to develop a plan for providing technical assistance to countries primarily involved in the Eastern Partnership program in combating illicit drug trafficking.

In conclusion, all participants stressed that the seminar was held in the atmosphere of a business discussion of various aspects of the tasks facing law enforcement agencies in this area, and noted that it made a good beginning for the continuation of the dialogue and increasing efforts in the fight against drugs.

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