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Expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with "Concern-Energomash" CJSC

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During the last two years, close professional contacts were established between the National Bureau of Expertises, RA (NBE) and Concern-Energomash CJSC, which is the exclusive representative of the leading American company Agilent Technologies. It should be specially noted that during the joint work, the company "Concern-Energomash" has established itself as a reliable partner, and the company's employees have confirmed their professional status and efficiency in resolving the problems arising in the National Bureau of Expertises during the operation of the analytical equipment of the firm "Agilent Technologies".

Therefore, the accumulated positive experience of joint work allowed us to move on to new forms of cooperation. Thus, at the end of June 2017, a cycle of on-line conferences on the instrumental nomenclature of Agilent Technologies was launched at the National Bureau of Expertises with direct organizational support of Concern-Energomash. In particular, the first on-line conference was devoted to the solutions of Agilent Technologies used in forensic laboratories and included two main topics:

- Developing Better solutions for GC-MS;

- GC-MS solutions for forensic applications from Agilent.

The workshop was attended by NBE employees of a number of departments and divisions. During the first on-line conference, effective solutions of Agilent Technologies for detecting, measuring and analyzing samples, which are vital for the successful implementation of expert studies, were presented. Note that at present, in order to ensure high reliability of the examinations performed, primarily in the detection of criminal offenses, including serious ones, technically more sophisticated analytical support is required. Therefore, during the first introductory on-line conference, a complex of modern equipment from Agilent Technologies for detection and analysis was presented, covering all aspects of standard forensic research.

During the on-line conference special attention was given to new analytical methods for the definition of "Designer drugs." In short, the content of the Forensic Toxicology Application Compendium (only for forensic medical expertise) and attached to it a set of medicines of the Essential GC / MS Designer Essentials Kit (only for forensic expertise) were also presented.For clarity, the available scanning solutions (thermal decomposition system providing rapid scanning of numerous samples) and measurement included in the GC / MS Ion Trap system with high sensitivity, reliability, as well as LC / MS analyzers with advanced automation and workflow management capabilities were demonstrated.

In conclusion, as already noted above, this format of the on-line conference, according to the agreement with "Concern-Energomash" CJSC, will be permanent in nature upon a preliminarily agreed subject, depending on the relevance and importance of the current on-line conference topics.

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