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Seminar on Analytical Equipment ‘’New Solutions for Mass Spectrometry’’

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From May 30 to 31, 2017, the staff of the departments of Medico-Biological, Food Products and Drinks Expertises of the National Bureau of Expertises of the RA took part in a two-day seminar, the purpose of which was to familiarize the participants with the latest applications for mass spectrometry in food and the environment, as well as with new directions in the field of pharmaceuticals. The seminar was organized and conducted by KhimExpert (Russia), the authorized distributor of Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Sciences), the world's leading supplier of devices, reagents and consumables for molecular biology.

The first day of the seminar was completely devoted to the latest advances in food and environmental analysis using LC-MS/MS. In particular, the following presentations were made:

  • Good is not good enough- SCIEX QTRAP® 6500+System for High End Quantitative in the High Throughput Analytical Laboratory,
  • High Resolution LC-MS/MS for Food & Environmental Testing – X500R,
  • The power of Mass Spectrometry in the Detection of Food Fraud-Residues, Mycotoxins, Infant Formula, Beer and More,
  • Meat Speciation and Testing for Allergens-Emerging LC-MS/MS applications.

On the second day of the seminar questions of mass spectrometry in the field of pharmaceutics were considered. In particular:

  • LC-MS/MS in Pharmaceutical Analytics-Where and How if fit?
  • Challenges in setup of mass-spectrometric lab: Armenian CRO perspective,
  • X500B- Analysis and Quality Control of Biologic on a Novel QTOF Mass Spectrometer,
  • Targeted Proteomics – from Clinical Research to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

The seminar was attended by over 50 representatives of laboratories accredited in the Republic of Armenia for expert studies of pharmaceuticals and food products.

It is important to emphasize that the substantially new solutions of the American company "AB SCIEX" were presented.

It is necessary to note the indisputable practical importance and relevance of the above-mentioned seminar. The presented reports were drafted in such a way that, in addition to theory, practical exercises were supposed to allow participants not only to gain practical skills, but also to periodically switch from listening to the theory to practical studies.

The overwhelming majority of participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers and satisfaction with the theme of the seminar.

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