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You are here: Archive 2017 The National Bureau of Expertises in partnership with the Japanese leading company "Environmental Control Center Co" organized and held the first video-conference (webinar)

The National Bureau of Expertises in partnership with the Japanese leading company "Environmental Control Center Co" organized and held the first video-conference (webinar)

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On April 10, 2017 In the National Bureau of Expertise was held the first videoconference with "Environmental Control Center Co", the leading Japanese company specializing in research and monitoring of soil, water resources, the air basin, etc..

The video-conference was devoted to the discussion of topical problems in the field of ecology, in particular:

  • the Minamata Mercury Convention aimed at protecting the environment from anthropogenic emissions of mercury and its compounds, monitoring of material flows of mercury, using the example of Japan, the methods and technologies implemented in Japan in determining mercury content in mercury-containing instruments, and in industrial sectors such as mining and cement;
  • the presence of radioactive materials in all Japanese prefectures after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, in particular studies of the level and intensity of soil contamination with radioactive cesium-137, computer models for the calculation of the atmosphere transport of radioactive particles, analytical equipment primarily for detection  soil contamination  with Cesium-137 and so on.

This videoconference was a logical continuation of the round table held in the National Bureau of Expertise in November 2015 "Examination  of anthropogenic impact on the environment, issues of exchange of experience with relevant Japan's leading organizations".

The videoconference was attended by Shoichi Nihei, Executive officer,  Masashi Sugie,  Deputy minister for technical, Project Planning Technical Service Department, Takamitsu Kumata, Deputy manager of technical center, Ayako Kaneko, Project Planning Technical Service Department (Minamata  Convention and mercury analysis) and Junko Yamaoka, Environmental Radioactivity Analysis Group (company introduction and topics around radioactivity analysis in Japan).The Armenian side was represented by leading experts of the Department of Environmental Expertises of the National Bureau of Expertise of RA headed by Patvakan Voskanyan, Deputy Director for Science, Armen Saghatelyan, Director of the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies NAS, Armenia, Zaruhi Petrosyan, ead of the Scientific - Applied Center for Hydrometeorology and Ecology, Republic of Armenia (RA),  Hasmik Saroyan, Head of the Division of Atmosphere Emissions Management Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA Waste and Atmosphere Emissions Management Agency, Karine Danielyan, Head of the Association "For Sustainable Human Development Andreas Aprisyan, Inspector of the State Environmental Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection, etc..

During the videoconference, the Japanese side presented thirty minutes’ presentations on the two above-mentioned topics. Then, in the course of discussions, an exchange of views took place on the stated problems in order to develop a single generalized approach.

At the end of the video-conference, the moderators of both sides summarized the discussion. As a result an agreement was reached on choosing a direction and theme of a project of mutual interest within a month, and again there will be organized another video-conference aimed at introducing the advanced Japanese experience in protecting the ecosystem of Armenia.

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