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Expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with leading universities of the Republic

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On February 13, The National Bureau of Expertises hosted a meeting with prof. Ruben Aghuzumcyan, Head of the Chair of Psychology of Governance at State Public Administration Academy of RA. The meeting was attended by the employees of psychological expertises department headed by the department head Ani Vardanyan and others.

At the opening of the seminar prof. Aghuzumcyan briefly presented the goals and main tasks of the department headed by him. At the same time in his opening speech he paid special attention to the priority work performed in the department directed to the use of the latest research and educational technologies in preparation of abstracts in realizing graduate and postgraduate studies, introduction of effective methods in learning and teaching combining conventional methods of training (seminars, lectures and etc.) with modern interactive methods, participation of employees of the depatment in the basic and applied scientific research in the field of public administration, expert assessments and so on.

During the meeting they discussed the main tasks being implemented at that moment in the research, scientific-methodical and scientific and practical fields of forensic psychology, which were of interest for the staff of the psychological expertises department.

Prof. R. Aghuzumcyan focused on the features of the implementation of scientific research, paying special attention to the need of development of new approaches and technologies in forensic psychology, allowing to improve the quality of the forensic psychological expertises.

In conclusion, it worth mentioning that an agreement was reached with prof. R. Aghuzumcyan on periodicity of similar workshops in 2017, subject to adjust the format of the meetings depending on the topics discussed.Prof. R. Aghuzumcyan also touched on the fundamental principles of managerial psychology, on its role and significance in the system of modern management.

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