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You are here: Archive 2016 In the National Bureau of Expertises was held the First Videoconference with Madrid

In the National Bureau of Expertises was held the First Videoconference with Madrid

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On December 19 the National Bureau of Expertises for the first time held a webinar on "Current issues of Forensic Toxicology", with the Spanish National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Science, which is a partner organization of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). It is one of the largest expert organizations in Spain consisting of 4 branches, the head unit is located in Madrid.

From the Armenian side the videoconference was attended by the employees of the chemical, toxicological and biomedical departments of the National Bureau of Expertises, led by its director Dr. Artashes Javadyan and deputy director  Dr. Patvakan Voskanyan.

The participants from  Spanish side were Dr. Maria Antonia Martinez - chair of the session and advisor providing by e-mail a collection of papers regarding the discussed topics,  as well as Dr. Oscar Quintela  and Dr Elena Almarza.

The meeting participants discussed the current stage of the common problems of forensic toxicology. At the same time, the experts raised urgent questions that were previously submitted to the Spanish experts, which allowed us to carry out substantive bilateral discussions.

The range of issues was extensive, about a dozen topics ranging from detection and identification of narcotic, psychotropic, psychoactive substances, including toxic substances etc., in living persons habitats and cadaveric material and other topics connected with theoretical and practical issues of cooperation within the "Horizon 2020" program.

Our specialists were interested in the techniques and methodology applied by the Spanish colleagues.  All the questions received concise but complete answers.

It should be noted that an agreement was reached on more detailed exchange of information on a number of issues by active correspondence.

The series of webinars will be continued in 2017.

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