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You are here: Archive 2016 National Bureau of Expertises conducts program aimed at training and qualification of forensic experts

National Bureau of Expertises conducts program aimed at training and qualification of forensic experts

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Within scientific and educational works the National Bureau of Expertises (NBE) has been conducting a program connected with training and improvement of forensic experts (applicant) since 2005. The applicant is introduced with the principles, methods and methodologies in order to conduct expertise and the study of the current problems of legal regulation in this sphere. Connected with this the organization makes use of the international experience, including actions operating in the Russian Federation as well as in a set of European countries and the systems of expert organizations in the USA.

In order to receive forensic expert qualification the applicant passes training and improvement course. It’s worth mentioning that the forensic expert position can be held by a citizen of the Republic of Armenia with higher education and additional special expert qualifications. Within this project to be qualified as an expert the applicant passes training and improvement courses. At the first stage the applicant is provided electronically randomly selected 100 professional questions previously processed and edited in the Bureau in order to verify professional knowledge. Upon receiving good results of the tests of the evaluation of the applicant passes an oral interview, after which it shall be equipped with theoretical and practical vocational subjects phases of program-suggestion, relevant topics and duration. As shown by the experience of training experts, it costs an average of 3-6 months, and in rare cases it can take 9-12 months.

Regardless of expertise areas, all applicants are required to attend a theoretical course dedicated to forensic and legal regulation of issues related to the appointment and conduction of examinations.

Upon completion of the training, the applicant again passes a test consisting of professional questions, then the applicant's candidature is submitted to the Qualification Commission with the accompanying materials containing the opinion and conclusion, compiled on the basis of a thematic essay and a short report of the applicant by the mentor in order to obtain a certificate, allowing it to conduct forensic examinations on a particular expert specialty.

It should be noted that since 2005 up to now 324 applicants have complied with the requirements and received certificates of forensic expert.

As for 2016, from January to August 14 applicants,8 of them have already finished the trainings courses in June 2016, have been submitted to Qualification Commission session held on 22 June and received forensic expert certificates. The other 6 will finished the course in September-October 2016.

Within scientific and educational works it’s necessary to mention that the organization cooperate with a number of institutions, universities aimed at conducting practical training for students.

The themes for practical trainings are selected based on professional specialization of the students. Then a special program of training is drawn up for each group.

It is also important to note that the training is carried out by highly qualified professionals, academics and experts via relevant didactic materials (including on electronic carriers), latest computer technology, necessary equipment and literature, as well as manuals.

In the current year 39 students from Yerevan State University, Yerevan State University of Economics, Armenian Medical Institute and Russian- Armenian University (RAU), have attended this practical training organized in NBE.The regular practical trainings have started in the National Bureau of Expertises since 10 February 2016.

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