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You are here: Archive 2016 Participation in European Drugs Summer School 2016 “Illicit drugs in Europe: demand, supply and public policies”
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From June 27 to July 8, 2016 Hayk Kasparyan, Head of Drugs, Psychoactive Substances and Poisons Examinations Unit of Physical Technical Examinations and Chemical Expertises Department, in the capital of Portugal-Lisbon, participated in European Drugs Summer School 2016 “Illicit drugs in Europe: demand, supply and public policies” (5th edition), which was organized by Institute University of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) in cooperation with European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).

The Summer School was opened by director of EMCDDA Alexis Goosdeel, who introduced presentation entitled “Introduction to the EMCDDA: functions and vision”. During the opening session coordinator of the Summer School Catherine Moury (title: “Drug policies: concepts, issues and analysis”) and responsible person for the Scientific Programme of the Summer School on behalf of the EMCDDA, since the 2015 edition Marica Ferri (“From evidence to decision-making”) introduces their presentations.

During the Summer School Werner Sipp, President, International Narcotics Control Board (title: “The global drug control system: what is the UNGASS process and what to expect from it?”), representatives from EMCDDA Cécile Martel (title: “Reitox network and international cooperation”), Danilo Ballotta (title: “The position of the EU on drug policy in the international control system”), Laurent Laniel (title: “The production and geopolitics of drugs”), Liesbeth Vandam (title: “Wastewater analysis”), Dagmar Hedrich (title: “Harm reduction in Europe - perspectives from the North and the South”), Alessandro Pirona (title: “Drug treatment in Europe (in the community and in prison)”), Jane Mounteney (title: “Drugs in Europe 2016: a review of the latest trends and developments”), Cláudia Costa Storti (title: “Drug laws and the cost of drug policy”), Nicola Singleton (title: “Monitoring supply reduction and drug enforcement activity”), as well as Owen Bowden-Jones, Imperial College, London (title: “What is different with ‘new drugs’?”, video lecture), João Goulão - Portuguese National Drug Coordinator, Robert West - Editor-in-Chief, Addiction Journal (title: “Open debate: scientific communication and policy decisions”) and many other invited lecturers introduced their interesting and useful presentations.

The topic of the Summer School’s first week was “Drug policies and producing evidence” and the topic of second week - “Policymaking for drug-related issues”.

Along with a numerous of interesting presentations Hayk Kasparyan made an oral presentation entitled “Approved and scientifically substantiated methods and procedures for forensic examinations of drugs, psychoactive substances, poisons and other objects, which are used in the Department of Physical Technical Examinations and Chemical Expertises of National Bureau of Expertises (SNPO) of the Republic of Armenia”, which was of great interest among audience.

During the Summer School also were organised study visits to Mouraria harm reduction center, to methadone mobile unit and to the Portuguese Commissions for the Dissuasion of Drug Addiction.

At the end of the meeting Hayk Kasparyan was given a certificate of attendance in European Drugs Summer School 2016 “Illicit drugs in Europe: demand, supply and public policies” by coordinator of the Summer School Catherine Moury.

During the Summer school established new relations, particularly cooperation agreements with EMCDDA, with the Summer School participants from Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Norway, Australia, Brazil and Lebanon, including cooperation with numerous experts and scientific staff from forensic institutions.

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