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The Director of National Bureau of Expertises Artashes Javadyan took part in the VI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The International Legal Forum took place on May 18 to 21 2016 St. Petersburg.

It should be noted that the Plenary Session entitled “Trust in Law – Mechanism for Global Crisis Resolution” was opened by Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

During the special session entitled ‘’Competence and competency in forensic activity, the nature and limits, similarities and differences’’ Artashes Javadyan made a report entitled "Professional deformation as the opposite side of competency in forensic science. Scientific Analysis and Prevention".

During the forum sessions Dr.Javadyan took part in the works on "Sacred Space of the Museum. The Area of Culture", ‘’Information security in the digital environment. Extensive data on use of restrictions]" and ‘’Cybercrime on the Modern Market".

It is important to note that in the course of the business trip five-year memorandum of understanding to extend the agreement (up to 2021). was signed with Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Bureau (NFB), Tbilisi, Georgia.

In the International Legal forum Dr.Javadyan had a several meetings especially with Ulziibayar Khukhuu, the Director of National Institute of Forensic Science of the Ministry of Justice of Mongolia and an agreement was reached to establish contacts, considering the friendly relations between our countries. A set of issues were discussed with the lecturer at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University Dmitry Vladimirovich Pristanskov related to passportization of expert methods, with Georgi Omelianuk, the Professor at Russian Federal Center of Forensic Science of the Ministry of Justice aimed at expanding expertises in forensic ecology.

The annual participation of Dr Javadyan in the VI St. Petersburg International Legal Forums gave opportunity to participants to extend their frames of scientific-methodological cooperation among forensic institutions, discuss issues connected with qualification systems and so on.

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