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From 8 to 14 May Director of National Bureau of Expertises (NBE) of Armenia Artashes Javadyan participated in the 28th ENFSI Annual Meeting held in the Forensic Science Unit of the Basque Country Police (Bilbao, Spain). This participation is aimed at further improving the quality of the expertise, introducing the international best practice in the field of expertise, as well as expanding opportunities for international cooperation of our organization.

In the course of the meeting Dr. Javadyan had a number of discussions of subjects of mutual interest and also made a report on 2016-2017 ENFSI program points, offering to pay special attention to the experts’ quality problems of, in particular the development of a common approach to training experts in Europe, expansion of participation of non-member countries of the European Union in the ENFSI Monopoly programs, materials, particularly experimental methods, modern scientific methods of access and introduction of further issues obtained as a result of Monopoly programs.

During the meeting Dr. Javadyan also offered to set up ENFSI Working Groups in the field of toxicological and engineering-technical expertise, as well as in future prepare proposals of establishing Working Group in the field of Forensic medical expertise. This was an opportunity to get to know with the best practice of the advanced forensic and scientific institutions, including experts’ training systems, current technologies, expert procedures aimed to introduce the latter in the National Bureau of Expertises, as well as in the ENFSI development programs to expand in future international cooperation with European partners in this framework. During the business trip Dr. Javadyan met the head of National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Science in Madrid Dolores Moreno Raymundo and Madrid department head of the same institute Jesus Agudo, as well as the head of Criminalistic Service of the Civil Guard Colonel Jose Antonio Berrocal.

In the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Science Dr. Javadyan was introduced to the important divisions of the institute. He discussed numerous issues concerning the activities carried out in the National Bureau of Expertises related to the expansion of the list of toxicological examinations, nanotechnology investment, detection of medical errors related to certain substances, metabolic markers in forensic expertise, detection of main toxicological changes in some diseases and toxicology posthumously issues. In the discussion, special attention was drawn to the possibility of introducing molecular biology techniques and issues of application of nanotechnology. For this purpose an agreement was reached on preparation of cooperation memorandum. It should be noted that the memorandum has already been developed and sent to the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Science for confirmation.

During the meeting with Criminalistic Service of the Civil Guard Colonel Jose Antonio Berrocal issues of mutual interest were discussed and Colonel Jose Antonio Berrocal expressed his willingness to participate in the work on detection of nano quantity materials in fat depicts combined by fingerprints and creation of relevant information databases between the National Bureau of Expertises and Imperial College London.

An agreement was reached to exchange views on further steps in the form of correspondence.

At the ENFSI the 28th Annual meeting another agreement was reached with the leaders of similar expertise organizations of a number of developed European countries (Germany, Spain, Lithuania), CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan), as well as Ukraine and Georgia aimed at realizing scientific and practical activities of mutual interest

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