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NBE is Equipped with a New Unique Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

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On May 4 2016 in the frames of realization of a program on the fight against drug trafficking and within cooperation with law enforcement capacity (INL) the list of NBE was added by Agilent absorption spectroscopy with flame and electrothermal atomizers. This type of spectroscopy is for quantitative determination of metal content in the objects of the environmental interests, food, soil, different metal composition. The equipment can be also applied in art, in particular conducting forensic expertise in art monuments (painting, sculptures, etc.). The listed opportunities of this equipment make it possible to expand the range of types and subtypes of expertises carried out in the organization.

From May 5 to 6 2016 within the program on the fight against drug trafficking and cooperation with law enforcement capacity (INL) supported by exclusive representative of ‘’Agilent Technologies’’ in Armenia ‘’Concern - Energomash’’ CJSC jointly with Polish firm ‘’MS Spektrum’’, courses including theoretical and practical trainings on atomic spectroscopy were held, as well as as well as instruction on operating and safety.

These training sessions were attended by experts from the Department of Physical Technical Examinations and Chemical Expertises, and Arson and Explosives Expertises, Food Products and Drinks Expertises, Firearms Expertises and the Division of Toxicology.

During the training courses were discussed issues concerning the technical capabilities of the spectroscopy and ways to improve effectiveness of examinations carried out via the equipment.

Upon completion of the training, the participants took qualification test and received certificates allowing them to work with an atomic absorption spectroscopy.

Currently, activities are being carried out in the National Bureau of Expertises aimed at developing appropriate techniques which can be later be used in both research work and expertises in above mentioned areas.

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