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You are here: Materiological and Food Expertises Service Department of Food Products and Drinks Expertises

Department of Food Products and Drinks Expertises

About the Depratment

The main objective of the department of food products and drinks expertises is to ensure the proper quality of the performed examinations according to the technical regulations and international standards existing in the Republic of Armenia.

Main activities of the department are the following:
Type of expertise: Food.
Code: 10
Subtypes of expertises:
10-01. Examination of meat and meat product;
10-02. Examination of fish and fish product;
10-03. Examination of milk and dairy;
10-04. Examination of bakery and confectionery;
10-05. Examination of honey;
10-06. Examination of nutritional oils and butter;
10-07. Examination of kitchen products (ready-made dishes);
10-08. Examination of low-alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks;
10-09. Examination of alcoholic drinks;
10-10. Examination of cereals and other bulk products;
10-11. Examination of concentrate and fragrant spices.

Besides the forensic expertises, the Department carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-educationa, scientific-experimental and scientific-analytical works.

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