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You are here: Archive 2015 National Bureau of Expertises celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundation

National Bureau of Expertises celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundation

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In connection with its 10th anniversary, form June 16 to 17 the National Bureau of Expertises  holds  a conference entitled  "Application of contemporary scientific methods and technology in the field  of expertise".  The opening of the conference will be on June 16, at 9:30am in the National Bureau of Expertises (24, Admiral Isakov Ave.). Then the participants will go to Tsakhkadzor, where Armenian and foreign scientists will present their 45 reports. The conference will be attended by heads and specialists of leading expertise centers and institutes from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Moldova and other countries as well as more than 40 organizations and universities from Armenia, including the institutes of the National Academy of  Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, the Yerevan State University, the Russian – Armenian (Slavonic) University and so forth. The format of the conference includes symbiosis of experience of world’s leading figures in expertise and creativity of youth. Plenary and sectional sessions will be held. There will be some interesting and educational master classes, workshops and so on. In the result will be published the collection of materials of the conference, which will include 79 full articles. Thus for organizing this conference tremendous preparatory work has been done. Since the establishment of the organization in 2005 up to now it has being headed by Artashes Javadyan. On the history, opportunities, major divisions, news and achievements of the leading expert organization can be found by visiting the official website:

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