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Participation in the ENFSI 26th Annual Meeting

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On 22-23 May, 2014 Artashes Javadyan, the head of National Bureau of Expertises, took part in European Network of Forensic Science Institutes 26th Annual Meeting (ENFSI) held in Bratislava (Slovakia). The meeting was attended by 72 ENFSI member-representatives from 32 countries.

During the meeting Artashes Javadyan, in his speeches as well as during the discourses with partner organization representatives, referred to forensic-criminological databases, forensic and criminological contemporary issues including information assurance issues, education and training of specialists in the field of expertise as well as forensic expertise procedural requirements during expertise.

Special attention was also paid to the implementation of the most important document provisions for forensic and criminological fields adopted by European Commission since 2011 aimed at forming a united filed and similar approaches up to 2020.

Another important thing is the introduction of main directions of forensic criminology field connected with EU proposed Horizon 2020 research program to National Bureau of Expertises employees. Our employees will have the opportunity to submit project proposals on relevant research directions in future.

Preliminary agreements (namely, practice exchange, organizing experts training, joint scientific-research and practical works) were made with the managers and the representatives of forensic and criminological institutions from different countries participating in the ENFSI 26th annual meeting.

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