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Quality Assurance Department

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Quality Assurance Department of “National Bureau of Expertises” SNPO NAS, RA functions since 2005.

The main function of the Department is ensuring the organization strategy: development of quality management system in correspondence with the sphere of  organization expertise activity, approval, investment, maintenance the proper level and its continual improvement.

Started from II of III quarters of 2009 in the organization have been carried out works of quality management system investment corresponding to ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management systems:  Requirements"  international standard requairements,  during which have been drawn the organization departments procedures, official instructions, have been brought into order departments processes, have been developed and implemented the documents and records control procedures, internal audit, management review, corrective and preventive actions, improvement, supplier assessment procedure, which provide the workability of quality management system and gradual increase of its efficiency. As well as, were implemented corresponding to international standards administrative and security regulations and procedures.

As a result of performed works, on 19 October 2009 by the organization certificating body -“National Institute of Standards” CJSC of the Ministry of Economy, the National Bureau of Expertises was granted with conformity certification for 3 year period after what each year was carried out conformity control external audit and in the result of ISO 9001-2008 standard requirements correspondence the certificate remained in force.  On 19 October 2012 the date of ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management systems:  Requirements"  international standard requirements correspondence assurance was expired and taking into consideration  the quality management system embedded in the National Bureau of Expertises SNPO according to above mentioned international standards requirements, its maintenance and the necessity of its continuous improvement the organization in October-November of 2012 announced a tender for re-certification the functions coducted in organization in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 international standard requirements. Upon the  Law on Procurement  of the Republic of Armenia, the tender winner certification body “National Institute of Standards” CJSC of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia on 10 -14 December, 2012 carried out external audit in organization the results of which were assessed positive and the National Bureau of Expertises was granted  ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management systems:  Requirements" international standards requirements correspondence certificate for three-year period.  This correspondence certificate assures that the systems concerning to all services provided by the organization correspond to ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management systems:  Requirements" international standards requirements.

Besides that on 30 December 2010 by the Accreditation Council of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories in the Sphere of Conformity Assurance of the Republic of Armenia the organization was granted with two certificates by which was confirmed that two departments of the organization according to the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Comformity Assessment and  ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard requirements comply with accreditation standards  and are accrediated as  firearms and food expertise laboratories.  The certificate is valid for three years. Taking into consideration the importance of  ISO/IEC 17025:2005 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" international standard requirements compliance the Quality Assurance Department and above mentioned two departments employees jointly carry out continual works in order to keep the proper level and pass the accreditation again.

At present Quality assurance and control department, in the scope of “Intergovernmental agreement made between the Republic of Armenia and the USA on Drug Control and Law Enforcement Cooperation” (Armenian-American program INL), as well as in cooperation with corresponding departments and international consultants in quality assurance and management field: Donnell Christian – Senior consultant in Forensic expertises of INL program, Director of “Professional Business Solutions, INC (PBSI)”(Saint Louis, USA), Terry Mills – Accreditation manager of “Forensic Quality Services”(Florida, USA), David Stevens – Accreditation adviser of “American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors” (Northern Carolina, USA) are being carried out documentation of policies, procedures and instructions, as well as defined Organization’s goals and objectives in correspondence with ISO/IEC 17025-2005 international standard guided by Organization’s Charter, RA legislation, international treaties, requirements of ISO 9001-2008, ILAC-G19:2002 and other international standards.

Within the scope of its activities the department cooperates with “National Institute of Standards” and “National Institute of Metrology” CJS companies having aim to conform the realized activities of expertise departments to the requirements of governmental, intergovernmental and international standards and to keep the used equipment in their proper and calibrated form, thus ensuring the quality and confidence to the expertises and testings.

The department periodically realizes expert staff testing to recheck their level of qualification and professional skills, organizing courses of qualification improvement or trainings with educational department if necessary.

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