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Expertise Field Specialists, Experts Education, Training and Qualification Center

Educational and Training Department of the «National Bureau of Expertises» SNPO NAS, RA, carries out the following activity:

Organization of improvement, training and educational courses for employees of authorized competent bodies who have responsibility to acquire baseline data

According to the «Supplemental Education Services Procurement» state contracts between Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia and the “National Bureau of Expertises”, NAS RA, since March 2005 are organized supplement educational project for correspondent employees of preliminary inquiries and investigations and other authorities. Within the frameworks of the above mentioned contracts during 2005-2013 around 2527 employees of Prosecutor General's Office of RA, Police of the Republic of Armenia, the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Defense, RA, Tax Service of RA, Customs Service of RA, Ministry of Territorial Administration, RA, Rescue Service of RA, Military Police of the Ministry of Defense, RA and other competent bodies passed appropriate trainings. During the given courses the employees of competent bodies get acquainted with the latest technologies of expert field, study the possibilities of expertises of this or that direction for further improvement of preliminary inquiries and investigations quality.

The duration of education and trainings is 2 weeks (10 working days), each day 8 academic hours. At the beginning of education and trainings with appropriate file the program abstracts of the course themes that were approved by the Scientific Board of “National Bureau of Expertises” SNPO, NAS, RA in Meetings held on 23 May 2008, 30 June 2009, 29 June 2010, 24 December 2010, 30 June 2011, 21 June 2012, 27 November 2012, 21 June 2013, didactic materials, necessary stationery and accessories, if needed also the photocopies of correspondent materials are given to the participants. The participants are given an opportunity to use materials of the National Bureau of Expertises library. The trainings are held with application of modern computer techniques, slide projectors.

In the order to organize the educational process more effectively after completion of the course are studied the opinions, assessments and suggestions of each participant and the results are presented to administration. In the end of education and training the participants pass oral test in the scope and content of the training curriculum. Based on the results of the test participants are given a graduation certificate.

Organization of practical training for students of law faculties in higher education institutions

By the Education and Training Department of the National Bureau of Expertises in 2007-2013 were organized and conducted practical trainings on “Criminalistics”, “Forensic Expertises”, “Forensic Medicine” subjects for 258 students of law faculties in higher education institutions. During the practice students had an opportunity to study the works of different expertise departments, get familiar with methods of expertise and expert conclusion composition forms, as well as to participate in laboratory tests.

Training and upgrading of specialists of forensic field as well as ensuring their qualification in accordance with the order stated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia

The Department carries out individual education and training on contractual base. For each trainee is prepared individual project-suggestion which consists of theoretical and practical phases. After the training the trainee passes test and interview. Completing these phases with positive results the participant receives a qualification certificate.

For ensuring the compliance of educational and training processes to international criteria requirements in our organization have been undertaken works directed to development of education and training programs corresponding to modern requirements. During these works were taken into consideration correspondent regulations of Russian Federation and European leading countries.

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