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Department of Commodity Expertises

Main objective of Commodity Expertises Department is the realization of expertises and examinations to satisfy country interests, rights and freedom of citizens.

Main directions of expert activities are as follows:

Type of expertise: Commodity.

Code: 16

Subtypes of expertises:

16-01: Examination of industrial (non food) goods, including its commodity evaluation;

16-02. 16-02: Examination of vehicles, including its commodity evaluation.

Commodity Expertises Department carries out expertises in the following directions:

• Market evaluation of immovable property (apartments, private residences, industrial, public constructions, lands, etc.);

• Market evaluation of property, including vehicles (passenger and goods vehicles, agricultural, constructional and road-building engineering techniques, car techniques of special significance, etc.), equipments, machine-tools, food production (vodka, waters, coffee, cans, etc.) and light industry (sewing, tricot, shoes, etc.), conveyer lines;

• Determination of conformity of quality, quantity, marking, transference and packaging of industrial products, stuff and products of technical significance; determination of product code;

• Statement of damage inflicted (vehicles, immovable and other types of property); quality analysis of product: quality conformance to national and international standards.

Beside the forensic expertises, the commodity expertises department carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-educational and scientific-experimental-analytical works. Particularly according to the contract on “Maintenance and Development of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Infrastructures” signed between RA National Academy of Sciences and RA NAS National Bureau of Expertises, the commodity expertise department implements scientific-methodical works on specialized topic of “The development of new approaches for the determination of real estate market values, by collecting, processing and analyzing the relevant necessary information (Topic Supervisor M. Barseghyan)”.

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