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Department of Engineering and Technical Expertises

About the Department

Main activity of the Department is the realization of Engineering, Safety Forensic expertises and researching in the sphere of industry, Construction, Agriculture and Household, the aim of which is to protect the state interests and the citizens’ rights.

Currently, the following types of examinations are carried out in the Engineering and Technical Expertises Department:

Type of expertise: Engineering and Technical Expertises

Code: 24

Subtypes of expertises:

24-01: Architectural research of machineries, mechanisms, devices and equipment;

24-02: Research of the technological process of production;

24-03: Electro-technical research of electro household appliances;

24-04: Research of labor protection and maintenance of safety rules and norms.

The objects of engineering and technical expertises are

1. Devices, equipment, machineries, instruments;

2. The parts and fragments of devices, equipment, machineries, instruments;

3. Individual and collective protective measures;

4. Industrial products, materials, raw materials;

5. Documents, photos, drawings;

6. Safety procedures and rules;

7. Equipment, devices, documents, etc.

The issues to be solved within the framework of engineering and technical expertises are

• Determination of the condition of devices, equipment and machineries, testing for their further use and detection of defects and failures.

• Study of technological processes in the given production and detection of the causes of variation.

• Determination of the quality of industrial products used in the process of assembling, repairing and other works, /in cooperation with the Department of Commodity Expertises/, detection of causal link between quality reduction and technology failures in the production.

• Determination of the employee's qualification in accordance with the performing work.

• Revealing of mechanisms of incidents.

• Detection of causal link between violation of safety rules in production and resulting incidents.

Besides the forensic expertises, newly established department carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-educational and scientific-experimental-analytical works.

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