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Department of Construction and Technical Expertises

About Department

Main activity of Construction and Technical Department is conduction of expertises in civil construction and construction fields, the aim of which is to protect the state interests and the citizens’ rights.

In the Department are performed expertises of the next type:

Type:  Construction and technical

Code: 13


13-01. Research of construction objects and functionally related to them areas.

By the Department are conducted expertise works in the next directions:

• Expertise of constructed and incomplete buildings, actually implemented construction and installation as well as reconstruction (capital and current) works volumes, quality and calculations.

• Assessment of technical condition of buildings and constructions including determination of separate constructive elements and loops technical condition.

• Expertise of buildings and constructions urban development state and separate architectural questions /connected with the accordance of normative documents/.

• Drafting of documents in urban development sphere and expertise by following areas:  residential, public and industrial, hydro-technical, transportation and energetic.

• Determination of accordance of building and construction project documents and implemented construction on them to the requirements stated by the Republic of Armenia construction norms.

• Determination of building construction, reconstruction and reparation works, technical control and related to them urban development documents accordance to legislation norms.

• Determination of building and construction partial or complete constructive elements landfall reasons.

• Determination of reasons of damage caused to buildings, constructions and plots and works nature and volumes need for recovery of the former condition.

• Analysis of versions and expertise of conclusions concerning to real estate and plot division.


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