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Department of Computer-Technical Expertises

About the Department
The general objective of the Computer-Technical Department is getting access to the information on drives for investigation of that information, studying image traces and obtaining evidence-based information by using computer technologies. realizing applicable expertises. The main objects of the expertises are computers, hard CDs, memory cards, cellules, mobile cards, digital cameras, laser disks, etc.

The main directions of the department’s expert activity are:
Type: Computer-technical.
Code: 20.
Subtypes of expertises:
20-01: Network investigation;
20-02: Program investigation;
20-03: Investigation of information and its restoration;
20-04: Investigation of computer equipments.

The department deals with expert activity in two main directions:
• Research of information from laser CD: e-mail and attached files decoding, searching of graphical files, text files searching, code file-password deleting, computer usage cellular phone short message decoding, decoding of notes existing in phone book, cellular phone memory information decoding (short messages, latest logs, phone book and other files);
• Restoration of deleted information from different type of memory holder (hard CD, memory card, laser disk, etc.) of mobile phone cards, digital cameras;
• Definition of basic technical qualities and the reliability of computer equipments.

Besides the forensic expertises, the computer-technical expertise department carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-educational and scientific-experimental-analytical works. Particularly according to the contract on “Maintenance and Development of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Infrastructures” signed between RA National Academy of Sciences and RA NAS National Bureau of Expertises, the computer-technical expertise department implements scientific-research study on specialized topic of “The generalization of methods for the recovery of information in memory cards of different digital devices, as well as the development of new methods (Topic Supervisor A. Tamrazyan)”.

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