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You are here: Department of Handwriting, Authorship and Document Expertises

About the Department
Main objective of the department is the realization of expertises and examinations to ensure country interests, rights and freedom of citizens.

Main directions of expert activities of the department are as follows:

Type of expertise: Handwriting.
Code: 01
Subtypes of expertises:
01-01: Handwriting examination;
01-02: Signature examination.
Type of expertise: Authorship.
Code: 02
Subtype of expertises:
02-01: Examination of written speech to identify the author.
Type of expertise: Document examination.
Code: 03
Subtype of expertises:
03-01: Detection of method and means of documents preparation;
03-02: Restoration of original content of documents;
03-03: Detection the sequence of the execution document’s parts;
03-04: Expertise of typewriting and computer text;
03-05: Examination of printing products;
03-06: Examination of stamps;
03-07: Detection the fact of duplication;
03-08. Detection of text content;
03-09: Examination of tattered and burned documents;
03-10. Examination banknotes and securities;
03-11: Identification of the document material;
03-12: Examination of other writing objects.

Besides the forensic expertises, the handwriting, authorship and document expertises department carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-educational and scientific-experimental-analytical works. Particularly according to the contract on “Maintenance and Development of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Infrastructures” signed between RA National Academy of Sciences and RA NAS National Bureau of Expertises, the handwriting, authorship and document expertise department implements scientific-methodical works on specialized topic of “Handwriting as an object of diagnostic investigation (Topic Supervisor M. Karapetyan)”.

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