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You are here: Materiological and Food Expertises Service Department of Soil and Biological Origins Expertises

Department of Soil and Biological Origins Expertises

About the Department

The main objective of soil and biological expertises department is to ensure the proper quality of the performed examinations according to the technical regulations and international standards existing in the Republic of Armenia.

Main activities of the department are as follows:
Type of expertise: Soil and Biological
Code: 11
Subtypes of expertises:
11-01. Examination of land origins;
11-02. Examination of biological objects;
11-03. Examination of zoological objects.

The department realizes biological expertises of biological objects of plant (leaf, root, stem, seeds, grains, glandular hair etc.) and animal (animal hair, leather, fish-scale, bird feather, natural silk, natural and artificial leather, etc.).

Their biological belonging is determined and corresponding complex examination is done.

The department also realizes soil expertises: layer subsidences of soil origin on objects are examined and compared with comparative and control samples taken from crime scene.

In soil
- Research of objects of non-soil origin;
- Research of objects of vegetable origin;
- Research of spores and pollen;
- Research of minerals.


Vegetable origin
- Research of drug containing plants;
- Research of herbs;
- Research of poisonous mushrooms;
- Research of spores and pollen.

Animal origin
- Research of bird feathers;
- Research of fish scales;
- Research of natural leathers;
- Research of animal hair.

Besides the forensic expertises, the department carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-educational and scientific-experimental-analytical works. Particularly according to the contract on “Maintenance and Development of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Infrastructures” signed between RA National Academy of Sciences and RA NAS National Bureau of Expertises, soil and biological expertises department implements scientific-research study on specialized topics of “The research of a range of leaves of the trees by the epidermal analyzing method in Southern Caucasus'' and ‘’The opportunities of experimental methods used during the examination of non-soil origin objects on the technogenic and anthropogenic soils’’ (Topic Supervisor S. Harutyunyan)”.

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