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Department of Firearm Expertises (Forensic Ballistics)

About the Department


Main objective of Firearms Expertises Department is the realization of expertises and examinations in order to clear up circumstances of criminal case with the use of special knowledge and investigation methodology in the sphere of Firearms (Ballistics).

Key directions of the department activity are the next:

Type of expertise: Firearms

Code: 07

Subtypes of expertises:

07-01: Examination of weapons and bullets

07-02: Investigation of shooting traces and circumstances

07-03. Examination of cold weapons

According to subtypes the department realizes the following expert activities:

• Examination of all types of factorial and handmade, short-barreled, as well as up to 12.7 millimeter caliber hand-guns (self-firing, machine-gun, carbines, rifle), determination of producer country, shooting durability, caliber and types of bullets in use;

• Tool mark examination, determination of used firearm and ammunition;

• Determination of shooting distance, used ammunition type and shooting succession after the examination of gunshot residues on clothing;

• Comparative examination of bullets found on bars and determination of used firearms, in case firearms are present at the crime scene;

• Restoration of deleted and over embossed numbers of firearms.

Beside the forensic expertises, the Department carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-technical, scientific-educational and scientific-experimental-analytical activity. Particularly according to the contract on “Maintenance and Development of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Infrastructures” signed between RA National Academy of Sciences and RA NAS National Bureau of Expertises, the Firearms Expertise Department implements scientific-methodical works on specialized topic of “The study of firearms for the determination of their fitness for shooting (Topic Supervisor A. Basentsyan)”.


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