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Building Complex of the National Bureau of Expertises and its Saturation

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The first building openingThe organization is mainly situated in the building complex located in Yerevan, Isakov ave. 24. During the years 2004-2006 according to the relevant decisions of the RA Government the two three storied laboratory buildings that formerly belonged to the non-profit organization Scientific Center of Soil, Agrochemics and Melioration after H. Petrosyan were given to the National Bureau of Expertises non-profit organization without termination of the right of use. Building number 1 has been renovated and provided with the necessary equipment by the funds provided from the state budged of the Republic of Armenia, as well as from the funds of the USA Government within the framework of the agreement signed between Armenia and the USA. As a result, the embassy of the USA in Armenia provided the organization with resources used for internal and external renovation work and some modern machine. The renovation work of building number 2 started in 2008 and was funded overwhelmingly by the resources provided by the USA Government. The renovation work ended in September 2009. The USA will also support the creation of DNA identification expertises unit and forensic genetic expertises unit crucially important for the law enforcement and justice bodies of the Republic of Armenia. The organization has a laboratory (shooting) for the fire arms expertises department and a laboratory belonging to the road and traffic accidents circumstances, technical conditions of transport means and transport-traceological expertises department. It must be mentioned that the organization has also rented space in Yerevan, Malkhasyants 31, where the morphological center of the organization’s histological-chemical expertises unit is situated and in Yerevan P. Sevak 5/1, where is located a part of the organization’s food, soil and biological expertises department.

It is worth mentioning that after the completion of repair work of the organization’s building number 2 the «National Bureau of Expertises» was finally formed in the country as a national expert structure establishing the majority of the necessary scientific practical units and successfully implementing not only the functions set before the organization, but also all the necessary arrangements foreseen by the Armenian-American intergovernmental cooperation program INL.

According to the Armenian-American intergovernmental agreement the USA Government has so far provided and will continue the provision of the laboratories with high quality and modern equipment.

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